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RE: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19

I heard it second hand. Would anyone else who was there that night like to
speak to this?



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In a message dated 4/21/04 12:59:12 PM, rokhl (at) mindspring(dot)com writes:

Maybe you were getting someone who didn't know
what they were doing...

Presumably I'm "speaking" with the guy in charge for now: Steve Lurie. Not
I send a packet and the first thing that comes back is "Do YOU think you can
get 50 people there?"  Almost like a dare. You send a CD, full of good
reviews in the envelope and a decent bio and that's what he says first
thing?? They needn't approach people that way. After all, you're not getting
a king's ransom; it's called "da door!"   I' would think there more pleasant
ways to get a dialogue going.  And it continued downhill from there. Did you
hear, Rukhl, from this "horse" Steve or do you think it was someone else?

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