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Re: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19

Oops! I sit corrected. Brian (a.k.a. "Roy" to those that don't know him) 
did a great job. And i'm glad at least one other jm-lister was there for 
the concert. I would like to have met you there; I have admired your 
contributions to the list (most especially the "Swan Lake Tsimbl Massacre" 
from KlezKamp!).


At 12:57 PM 4/20/2004, you wrote:
>Eric, Every word you said was true, well; except one, that was not Roy on 
>Bass, it was Brian Glassman. A wonderful bassist , play mate of many 
>notable musicians and a pal of mine. Hey every body say hello to Brian 
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>From: <mailto:myrvaagnes (at) mindspring(dot)com>Eric Myrvaagnes
>To: <mailto:jewish-music (at) shamash(dot)org>World music from a Jewish slant
>Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 10:35 AM
>Subject: Re: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19
>I am saddened to report that all of you (with perhaps an exception or two) 
>missed one of the greatst Klezmer concerts of the season last night: the 
>Klezical Tradition playing in Springfield, Mass. My wife and my mother and 
>I all made the trek from Boston to hear them, and they were fantastic! The 
>audience, alas, was much too small, but very appreciative. Adrianne is 
>surely the world's greatest living klezmer flutist, and she could even 
>persuade some of you clarinet freaks that the flute really belongs in 
>klezmer music. She also plays a mean keyboard (a classical 19th-century 
>Roland?) and, like all the band members, knows how to support the others. 
>Fraidy is a wonderful Yiddish singer, Walter is a superb Klezmer 
>clarinetist, Beth did a great job called in at the very last moment (while 
>their usual fiddler, Cookie, is gallivanting around eastern Europe), and 
>Roy was very solid. They play very much in the "old" (early twentieth 
>century) style, even with new "old" pieces, and they play with enormous 
>energy and spirit: they did have people dancing in the aisles!
>Disclaimer: I am not on the payroll of The Klezical Tradition; I did have 
>one class with Adrianne at the most recent KlezKamp, which is how I knew 
>they would be good; and no animals were harmed in the making of this review.
>Eric M.
>At 01:07 AM 4/13/2004, you wrote:
>>As part of the Western New England College Holocaust series of 
>>presentations, TKT will perform a concert for their final event on April 
>>19, 7:30 PM. Western New England College, Springfield, MA, Sleith Hall, 
>>100. Full length, concert featuring Fraidy Katz, vocalist, Walter Mamlok, 
>>clarinetist, guest fiddler Beth Cohen, Adrianne Greenbaum, wood flutes 
>>and keyboard, guest bassist Roy Weisman.
>>See yas!

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