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Re: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19

In a message dated 4/20/2004 8:15:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, myrvaagnes (at) 
mindspring(dot)com writes:

> Oops! I sit corrected. Brian (a.k.a. "Roy" to those that don't
> know him) did a great job. And i'm glad at least one other jm-lister was
> there for the concert. I would like to have met you there; I have admired
> your contributions to the list (most especially the "Swan 
> Lake
> Tsimbl Massacre" from KlezKamp!).

Don't think Alan W. was there, Eric. He just noticed the blurb didn't match 
what he knew: that Brian was playing. (Yes indeed, everyone who has said this 
in the last two days. Brian Glassman is that unsung hero, a bassist who just 
comes, plops his bass down and gets right in there. A pleasure to have on the 
bandstand, truly. 

And I agree, that Swan Lake thing of AW was a work of art - both the 
description and the actual event!   

Adrianne Greenbaum
Assoc. Prof. of Flute, Mount Holyoke College
Klezmer flutist, "FleytMuzik"
cdbaby or fluteworld

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