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Re: sher questions

Just to chime in a little here as well. I know when Steve led the sher for 
KlezKamp last December - and indeed, he was trying to do the WC sher - he only 
asked for the sher that began D, FFFFFF GFGA F; I'm sure all know the one... 
And my point here is that he wanted the "refrain" to always be there for a 
certain step, I believe the promenade part of it. So was Steve only trying to 
things simple for the morning musicians playing so that they wouldn't have to 
play different sections? Clearly we al knew what a square phrase was so we 
could have done other shers that were square, making for more sections. Hmmmmm. 
Steve, I'm sure, will write back when he returns.

For fun this past weekend, I led a sher made up of steps learned, but perhaps 
not in the right sequence or even exactly right. But it worked and I had 3 
circles successful doing it. I did worry that I was creating a sher (um, call 
the CT SHER?) but we were all having too much fun. The 3 sections of the tune 
were made up of bowing, dancing with the partner and then with each 
right-hand person of the other partners, then finishing by dancing with your 
again (and everyone else doing so as well.) This was sort of a combination of 
what Michael Alpert taught us at KlezKanada last summer. So then for the 3rd 
section we promenaded.   We felt we were really doing something pretty cool, 
almost right, and it fit the music perfectly. Hope I didn't offend the 
cuz we had way too much fun :-) Maybe Steve will write to me off-list and scold 
me :-) But at least we ended with threading the needle and that I KNOW is 


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