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Difficulties finding gigs in NYC?

I don't see why finding gigs in NYC would be off topic.  After all NYC is home 
to a wealth of talented Jewish musicians.  Hell, NYC is an oasis of Jewish 
culture.  I don't see how anyone would have difficulty finding a club gig in 
NYC.  KLEZTRAPHOBIX has  two club gigs on the same night.  Read our shameless 
promotion below!

Mazal tov to all you KLEZTRAPHOBIX fanatics.  We need you to come to 
a couple of shows.  In fact we booked both shows in one night at 
different venues to make your life easier.  The first show is this 
coming Tuesday, April 27th, 2004 @ 9pm @ Club Seho (formerly Club 
Lickwed)113 Ludlow St. (between Rivington and Delancey) Lower East 
Side, NYC, just a few blocks away from the Williamsburg Bridge.  By 
subway: J, M, Z, F to Delancey / Essex St.  Yes kiddies, there is no 
cover so you'll have some extra dough for your bagels and coffee in 
the morning.  We're going to WOW you with some old Klezmer standards 
as well as hit you over the head with some new material.

Then, just when your body is telling you to go home, WHAM, we're all 
catching cabs to Dr. Jelly Finger's Paradise Jam @ Otto's Shrunken 
Head and Tikki Bar located 538 E 14th St. between Ave. A & B.  This 
is the Times Square of the East Village.  We're going to bum-rush 
the stage and take over this open mic @ approximately 11:30pm.  Oh, 
and the price of addmission is FREE!  

What: Live shows
When: Tuesday, April 27th
Where: Club Seho @ 9pm, Otto's Shrunken Head @ 11:30pm
Why: Because YOU have to.

later gators,

Martin Horwitz <mhorwitz (at) ajws(dot)org> wrote:
When I was a young man there was a rule at the Sunday dinner table to restrict 
topics to those
"of general interest". Is the difficulty of one group of musicians finding a 
gig in one venue in New York
a topic of "general interest"?
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Maybe you were getting someone who didn't know
what they were doing...

Presumably I'm "speaking" with the guy in charge for now: Steve Lurie. Not 
I send a packet and the first thing that comes back is "Do YOU think you can 
get 50 people there?"  Almost like a dare. You send a CD, full of good reviews 
in the envelope and a decent bio and that's what he says first thing?? They 
needn't approach people that way. After all, you're not getting a king's 
ransom; it's called "da door!"   I' would think there more pleasant ways to get 
a dialogue going.  And it continued downhill from there. Did you hear, Rukhl, 
from this "horse" Steve or do you think it was someone else? 

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