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Re: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19

Eric, Every word you said was true, well; except one, that was not Roy on Bass, 
it was Brian Glassman. A wonderful bassist , play mate of many notable 
musicians and a pal of mine. Hey every body say hello to Brian Glassman.
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  From: Eric Myrvaagnes 
  To: World music from a Jewish slant 
  Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 10:35 AM
  Subject: Re: Klezical Tradition in Springfield, MA April 19

  I am saddened to report that all of you (with perhaps an exception or two) 
missed one of the greatst Klezmer concerts of the season last night: the 
Klezical Tradition playing in Springfield, Mass. My wife and my mother and I 
all made the trek from Boston to hear them, and they were fantastic! The 
audience, alas, was much too small, but very appreciative. Adrianne is surely 
the world's greatest living klezmer flutist, and she could even persuade some 
of you clarinet freaks that the flute really belongs in klezmer music. She also 
plays a mean keyboard (a classical 19th-century Roland?) and, like all the band 
members, knows how to support the others. Fraidy is a wonderful Yiddish singer, 
Walter is a superb Klezmer clarinetist, Beth did a great job called in at the 
very last moment (while their usual fiddler, Cookie, is gallivanting around 
eastern Europe), and Roy was very solid. They play very much in the "old" 
(early twentieth century) style, even with new "old" pieces, and they play with 
enormous energy and spirit: they did have people dancing in the aisles!

  Disclaimer: I am not on the payroll of The Klezical Tradition; I did have one 
class with Adrianne at the most recent KlezKamp, which is how I knew they would 
be good; and no animals were harmed in the making of this review.

  Eric M.

  At 01:07 AM 4/13/2004, you wrote:

    As part of the Western New England College Holocaust series of 
presentations, TKT will perform a concert for their final event on April 19, 
7:30 PM. Western New England College, Springfield, MA, Sleith Hall, 100. Full 
length, concert featuring Fraidy Katz, vocalist, Walter Mamlok, clarinetist, 
guest fiddler Beth Cohen, Adrianne Greenbaum, wood flutes and keyboard, guest 
bassist Roy Weisman.
    See yas!

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