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Re: Great Jewish Rock Stars

        Does anyone have the scoop on Dick Dale?  Personally I don't think
that he's Jewish, but he has recordings of Miserlou (which I've heard in
Yiddish, Greek, and Armenian; so the history of the song is sketchy) and
Hava Nagila.  
        P.S. Althongh Leonard Cohen is not an observant Jew he has a
number of songs that may be classified as "Jewish ."  i.e. The Story of
Isaac, The Partisan, The Butcher, If it be Your Will, Hallelujah, and
perhaps The Lost Canadian, which is a distant relative to the anti-Semetic
lore of the Wandering Jew. He applies much poetic license to his work, 
but retains threads of Jewish history in his songs.  I've heard that
Cohen's paternal grandfather was the chief Rabbi of Montreal.
        P.P.S. This weekend (24-25 May) the Kabalas will perform in Los
Angeles.  They are a great band, a sort of They Might Be Giants meets
Naftali Brandwein.  I strongly recomend this concert.

Anthony Souza
President, Hillel
California State University, Fresno

(209) 432-1770

5739 N. Cedar #202
Fresno, CA 93710

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