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Re: Great Jewish Rock Stars

On Mon, 19 May 1997, the Cheshire Cat wrote:

> Interesting. But when did Andrew Dice Clay become a musician? And, given
> his extremely awful misogynist and racist routines, I personally, have no
> desire to claim him as an MOT. 
you'll recall the disclaimer at the top of the list. these aren't
necessarily Jewish musicians. they are "great Jewish rock stars." at his
peak, Andrew Dice Clay performed rock concert-style in arenas throughout
the country, and part of his act included singing rock songs with a band.
but really i include him in the sense of rock star-as-pop-culture-figure.
the list is not intended to be an endorsement of anyone. for all i know
some other of these msuicians were drug addicts, wife beaters or even

what's an MOT? pardon my ignorance.

Seth Rogovoy                        
rogovoy (at) berkshire(dot)net
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