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Re: Great Jewish Rock Stars

>Here is a list I have been compiling. Your comments, additions and
>emendations are welcome. Please respect my copyright and make fair use of
>this list only.

Well, this will certainly start the week off with some lively
discussion, although, I have to admit that I find myself
perplexed at the subject--I mean, unless an artist
identifies him or herself as Jewish, and uses Jewish sources,
or Jewish subjects, or something Jewish-identified in the 
music, to what degree, other than trivial pursuit, does it
matter? I mean, Randy California even did a rather nice heavy
metal version of "Hine Ma Tov" on an early Spirit album, but
I still have trouble of thinking of him as a Jewish artist
(even though I confess to still being fond of old albums by
the group). I'm sure we all have similar experiences....


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