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Re: Great Jewish Rock Stars


I see that you included a few but not all the jazz musicians who are
Jewish. So let me add some of them to your list

Lee Konitz       alto sax
Al Cohn         tenor sax
Joe Cohn (his son) guitar
Dick Katz       piano
Red Rodney      trumpet
Rob Scheps      tenor sax and reeds
Artie Shaw      clarinet

I know that I have just scratched the surface of the Jews of Jazz.

I also agree that this kind of list is within the provence of a discussion
group of this sort. Many other ethnic groups make a big deal out of
supporting the arts groups of their homelands, or the players of their
I don't know if it is necessary to limit our pride to just Yosele
Rosenblatt or Debbie Friedman, in whatever degrees you choose to take
pride, but should show our pride in musicians of all kinds, in all fields.
After all, they are all playing new songs.

Eric Goldberg

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