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Re: Great Jewish Rock Stars

On 19 May 1997, michael buczaczer wrote:

> Seth,
> found your list VERY interesting.  i believe judy garland liza minelli were 
> also
> j. if you include george gershwin, berlin and other oldies, you need to 
> include
> danny kaye, joel grey, al jolson (first jazz singer).  if you include barb
> streisand (as far removed from rock as the moon) how about richard tucker, jan
> pierce, fred hellerman (the weavers), zero mostel, theodor bikel, ofra haza.

i don't necessarily agree with the "if you include... then you must
include..." equation as outlined here. Gershwin, berlin, Streisand, I
think, transcend their particular genres to qualify as "rock stars" (as I
mean it, stars of pop culture). this list isn't meant to be a completely
inclusive list of famous Jews. It's mostly meant to surprise. That Ofra
Haza, for example, or Theodore Bikel, are Jewish, is hardly news to

> among musicians, conductors and composers are:  dave brubeck, arthur fiedler,
> aaron copland, leonard bernstein, emanuel az, oscar levant, leonard slatkin,
> james levine, richard stolzman, arthur rubenstein, george solti, woody allen,
> andre previn and many more.

Few surprises here too, and few rock stars. Dave Brubeck, as far as I
know, is not Jewish. Do you have any information to the contrary? 

> if you are interested in more, there is a good book "great jews in music" by
> derill lyman (jonathan david publishers) which lists many american as well as
> non, musicians (more classical and show).
> you are doing great.

thanks, and thanks for your serious feedback.

> good luck
> michael buczaczer

Seth Rogovoy                        
rogovoy (at) berkshire(dot)net
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