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Re: sher questions

In a message dated 4/24/04 10:51:53 AM, dancinsteve (at) comcast(dot)net writes:

> So, am I suggesting that the musicians (or at least arrangers) develop a
> feel for the dance and for the taxonomy of possible tunes?

Oh truly, hand in hand, has to be. And it's happening obviously more and 
more. Musicians know what is square, how many sections you need, etc. It's been 
great thing to notice how much interest there is and be able to communicate it 
like this. I'm actually "relieved' to read that it is actually preferable to 
have a returning section so that everyone knows where they should be in the 
sher. As a dance leader on gigs I certainly appreciate a returning section 
rather than something like the Philly sher where you don't get a returning 
motif or 

In answer to Lorele's post, sure, sounds like a great idea. The project of 
course needs funding, right? Converging on Ohio isn't around the corner for 
everyone - or wherever it would happen. A video along with charts would be the 
ideal to set up, as Helen also said. I like reading what to do as well as 


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