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RE: sher questions

The problem that I see emerging with trying to revive the sher and bring it
back into the community, is that there aren't that many opportunities for
the average person to dance a sher. The only place that I've been able to
bring the dance to on a regular basis (i.e., weekly for a season of
dancing), has been at my recreational folk dance group in Calgary (I haven't
taught it in Toronto yet).  In the setting of a recreational dance evening,
people really don't want to do a dance that last 30 minutes, every week.
They're just not in the mood for that and are accustomed to doing dozens of
3 minute dances in a typical evening,(usual a lot of Balkan stuff).  So, in
that setting, I've stuck with the abbreviated sher that a friend of mine
(Teme Kernerman) arranged, and then have embellished it with the shine.  It
goes for about 7 minutes


I'm not exactly sure, outside of the setting of recreational folk dance
groups, how to kick start the Yiddish dances and bring them back out to the
general community, on a regular basis, rather than just to dance
enthusiasts, or at occasional music/dance festivals.  Any ideas?



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