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source of Shnirele Perele

Hi. Just returned from Klezkamp so i am in the middle of this 
discussion on "Shnirele Perele" but I believe that the song was an 
extension of the "Got fun avrom" prayer that women recite at the end 
of shabes. Noah Prilutski published 22 variants of the "Got fun 
avrom" prayer  at the end of his first volume of Yiddish folksongs 
(1911), and among his variants one finds a version of Shnirele 
Perele.  It makes sense of course that the song would be sung at this 

By the way, Prilutski was criticized by Anski and I.L. Cahan for 
publishing these prayers and implying that they were folksongs. I 
side with Prilutski on this issue and the Shnirele Perele song is 
evidence that the prayer sometimes or often evolved into song.

- itzik gottesman

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