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Re: Yivo Transliteration

Tayer Josh,

Not having a Hebrew font available, nor knowing whether you do to receive
it, I will refer you to the Weinreich dictionary, where on p. xxi there is
a whole list of the entire Yiddish alphabet and the YIVO transliterated
equivalents.  The most important ones, I suppose, are :

zh - like s in measure
kh - like ch in German ach
ey - similar to ey in grey
ay - similar to i in fine
ts, rather than tz for words like tsuris

everything else is what one might expect.

Hope this helps.


Joshua Horowitz wrote:

> Quick Question:
> Does anyone have a fairly complete legend or tabulation of the Yivo
> Yiddish Transliteration system that they can post here or email me?
> Thanks in advance, Josh

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