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Re: Sefarad

The author's name should read Victor, not Vector, sorry.

Lori Cahan-Simon wrote:

>  I'm reading a fascinating book called The Cross and the Pear Tree:  A
> sephardic Journey by Vector Perera.  London:  Andre Deutsch, 1995.  ISBN 0 233
> 98887 4
> He says that, according to tradition, the first Jews came to Spain after the
> 6th c. B.C.E. when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the 2nd temple and exiled the 
> Jews,
> and that many Spanish place names are from the Hebrew, according to a number 
> of
> Sephardic historians.  For example, Barcelona was Bar-Shelanu ("our
> countryside", in Hebrew), and its origins are linked with the Sephardic family
> Barchilon.  Sevilla was Shevil-Yah, "line of G-d", and Toledo was either from
> Hebrew for generations (toledot) or exile (toltel).  My question is about the
> term "Ibero" itself (as in Iberian Peninsula).  Doesn't that sound 
> suspiciously
> like "Ivri", Hebrew?  I haven't heard enyone ever mention that.
> Whaddya think?
> Lorele

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