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Idelsohn on Hatikvah (was RE: creepy: Hatikvah)

> Would somebody please look up A. Z. Idelsohn's "Jewish Music" re:
> "Hatikva"'s melody?
> Francesco

p. 221
"The Yigdal tune [composed by Leon Singer/Meier Leon] can be considered a
compilation of an old folk-motive which is prevalent both in Jewish,
Spanish-Basque as well as in Slavic song....We find the same melodic line in
a Spanish cancion, in the Jewish-SPanish prayer for Dew, in a Polish song,
in the folk song of the Basques, in the symphony Moravia by Smetana, in the
Zionist hymn Hatikva, and ni the Zionist song (in German) Dort wo die

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