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Re: creepy: Hatikvah

Lori Cahan-Simon wrote:

> I remember hearing a "classical" piece that sounded an awful lot like
> "Hatikvah"  many years ago.  Could it have been Khatchaturian?  Someone
> Eastern European.  If I recall correctly, it was in 3/4 time with the
> rhythm being 1/4 note, 1/2 note for most of it.
> Lorele

I'm sure you were thinking about "Vltava" (River Moldau), by Bedrich Smetana
(1824-1884), Czech (Bohemian) composer. Indeed, it sounds an awful lot like
"Hatikvah", and I have always been told that the melody of "Hatikvah" takes
its inspiration directly from it...


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