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Klez California

Again, Here is a notice concerning Klez California. I thank those who have
asked to be put on the mailing list.  You have and we will send you updated
information as we get closer to our proposed date of August 2003. Since this
is the first year we are trying to do this we are coming up with a few
challanges.  We are asking the Jewish Music Community for some support and
help.  At present, we are seeking donors to help us with the seed money.  If
anyone out there is aware of agencies, foundations, individuals who are
dedicated to Klezmer, Yiddish and Yiddishkeit and would like to help please
let me know as we are looking down all avenues.  I thank you for helping.
Julie Egger  You can email me personally at julieegger (at) attbi(dot)com

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