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Re: Looking for Dance Info: "Broyges Tantz"

There's a nice piece about the Broygez Tanz written in the book "From a
Ruined Garden." It describes two inlaws dancing it .  One thought that her
son Berl was marrying below his station and thus was angry.  They danced
away from and toward each other acting out a pantomime of anger, while the
guests at the wedding made a circle around the two dancers and sang out
"Let's make up, the world is like a dream
Let's make up, let us be at peace."
In the end they make up, kissing and hugging.
Then they danced together, hands on each others shoulders.
If you want to read it for yourself, it's From A Ruined Garden, The Memorial
Books of Polish Jewry,  edited by Jack Kugelmass and JOnathan Boyarin,
published in 1998.

I know other members of this list also dance the Broygez and perhaps can
give more information.


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