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Re: Klezmer in chicago?

The Klezmatics first album was called _Shvaygn = Tot_.  I don't know whether
it's still in print; it's not in the online Compact Disc Connection database,
though their newer one (Rhythm & Jews) is.  I like parts of their work,
though I sometimes find them a little too hyper.

There used to be a so-called "Chicago Klezmer Band", with a phone number
somewhere in the Chicago area, and at least one tape for sale.  I had the
info once, but never bought the tape.  This was about two years ago, I think.

A couple of musts if you like investigating the history of the genre:

There's an album on Yazoo (one of Shanachie's labels) featuring historic
recordings by Dave Tarras, one of the two clarinetists who defined the style
in the US.  I don't have the catalog number handy, nor the exact title.  The
CD is at home, and I'm not.

The other is a more recent compilation assembled by Henry Sapoznik:  _Klezmer
Pioneers_, on Rounder 1089.  It features a wide range of recordings made
between 1915 and 1952, mostly in the US, but some in Europe.  Sound is very
variable - some are terrible - but the music is fascinating.

Other notes:
There are a couple of worthwhile albums by the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, on
Northeastern.  Their singer is especially good - she has that ineffable
something that the Klezmer Conservatory Band's Judy Bressler lacks.  I've
blanked out on her name, I'm afraid.

I have a fun album on Quintana, a Hungarian label distributed by Harmonis
Mundi, by the Budapest Klezmer Band.  Quality is variable, but the
performances are gutsy and raw, and worth a listen.  I don't know about
availability - I bought it a couple of years ago, and haven't seen it in a 

I don't think the Bucharest album you mention (on LaserLight) is *that* bad.
On the other hand, I almost never play it, so it can't be *too* good!

Finally - there are a couple of klezmer movies around.  One features the
Klezmer Conservatory Band and one of Henry Sapoznik's groups, and is named
after the former's _Jumping Night in the Garden of Eden_ album.  The other is
called _Fiddler on the Hoof_, and covers a wider range of ensembles.  It was
made by the BBC and was carried by a couple of Boston-area PBS stations

Hope this was of some use.

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