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Klezmer in chicago?

I've recently gotten into Klezmer in a big way. I keep running into used
CD's and snatching them up (Hey you think I'm going to pay full price?
Chas've Chaleelah!) Anyway, so far I have found/purchased

Brave Old Word, Klezmer music (ok, not great)
Musigue Des Klezmorim: et de leurs descendants (ok, not great)
Muzsikas: the Lost Jewish music of Transylvania (pretty good)
The Klezmer Conservatory Band: Live 13th anniversary album (GREAT!)
Yiddish Folksons: orchestra of the jewish theater bucarest (awful!)
The Klezmatics: rhythm + Jews (Fabulous album)

Does anyone know if there are any other Klezmatics albums? I've seen the
Klezmer conservatory for sale (new, i.e., I'll wait till I find it used)
but nothing by the klezmatics.

Also, does anyone know of any good groups that play the chicago area? I'ld
like to go to some concerts, if there are any.

Also, who knows the work of Natural gathering (Ha'brirah Ha'tiveet) They
are a band that combines the influences of Moracan, argintinian and Indian
jewish music. I saw them in person about 10 years ago in Israel, and I've
seen their CD pop up in Judaica stores around here. Do they have any other
Cd's than the Origins album?
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