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Re: Klezmer in chicago?


There are two CD's that I have heard that are recently released that are
featuring the Klezmatics. Both of them are very good albums. One is called
Klezmer NYC 1993: The tradition continues on the Lower East Side. Three of the
pieces on there are Klezmatics, one of which (Honikzaft) is on the Rhythm an
Jews CD. The other new release is called The Shvitz, which I believe is a
soundtrack to a film called The Shvitz. There is some really neat Klezmer/heavy
metal combos on this piece. As someone who doesn't really like heavy metal,
this CD gave me a new respect for the genre. Also, I have not seen it or heard
it, but I understand that the first CD of the Klezmatics is called Silence or
Death (some of the Klezmatics are activists in the gay community and this was
their tribute to anti-AIDS work, I think).

Two more things that may be of interest to you... From January 24 to February 5,
Irena Klepfisz, who wrote the poem on the jacket of the Rhythm and Jews album,
will be in Champaign-Urbana (not too far from you). You may want to come down
and talk to her or come to some of her programming. If you are interested, let
me know and I can give you some more information. Second... Every Wednesday
and Thursday night at the Cafe Continental in Chicago (I don't have the address
with me right now), the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band plays (The restaurant also
has very good but very over-priced European, particularly Croatian, food). It
is worth checking out.

Ron Neimark

> I've recently gotten into Klezmer in a big way. I keep running into used
> CD's and snatching them up (Hey you think I'm going to pay full price?
> Chas've Chaleelah!) Anyway, so far I have found/purchased

> Brave Old Word, Klezmer music (ok, not great)
> Musigue Des Klezmorim: et de leurs descendants (ok, not great)
> Muzsikas: the Lost Jewish music of Transylvania (pretty good)
> The Klezmer Conservatory Band: Live 13th anniversary album (GREAT!)
> Yiddish Folksons: orchestra of the jewish theater bucarest (awful!)
> The Klezmatics: rhythm + Jews (Fabulous album)

> Does anyone know if there are any other Klezmatics albums? I've seen the
> Klezmer conservatory for sale (new, i.e., I'll wait till I find it used)
> but nothing by the klezmatics.

> Also, does anyone know of any good groups that play the chicago area? I'ld
> like to go to some concerts, if there are any.

> Also, who knows the work of Natural gathering (Ha'brirah Ha'tiveet) They
> are a band that combines the influences of Moracan, argintinian and Indian
> jewish music. I saw them in person about 10 years ago in Israel, and I've
> seen their CD pop up in Judaica stores around here. Do they have any other
> Cd's than the Origins album?
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