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Re: New Muzsika's album

In article <2gsdd3$5ru (at) charm(dot)magnus(dot)acs(dot)ohio-state(dot)edu>,
Kevin B Cohen <kcohen (at) magnus(dot)acs(dot)ohio-state(dot)edu> wrote:
>I understand that the Hungarian group "Muzsika's" has put out an album
>of Hungarian Jewish music. Apparently they got together with a couple
>of guys who had played with Jewish musicians a lot before the war....

>Anyone know the album? Like it? Does it have liner notes?

GOT IT! (found it used-- of course!)

It's the lost jewish music of Transylvania., Lot's of Liner notes (a
booklet in fact) First they give some of their own history as a group, and
than for everysong there is a little historical context writeup. Not a bad
album, but deffinitly not the best Klezmir I've got.

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