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Re: Colin Powell and Yiddish

It might not be an ideal choice, and one of them IS deceased, but
hypothetically I'd rather have Lenny Bruce as president than George W.

Fred Blumenthal
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Well, as Lenny Bruce said...if you're from New York then you're Jewish.

 P.S. I still wouldn't vote for him for President!

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>Subject: Colin Powell and Yiddish
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> >Colin Powell (who claims to know
> >Yiddish!)
>OK, I recognize that this is off topic, but I have a first-
>hand experience with Colin Powell and Yiddish. My wife and I
>bumped into him at a Chinese restaurant in Virginia shortly
>after the Gulf War. Never shy, my wife went up and started
>talking to him. She mentioned that we were out for dinner
>with a Jewish social group and we had heard he spoke Yiddish.
>He then immediately switched to conversing in Yiddish. The
>ironic part is that my wife is not a Yiddish speaker. So
>there you had my nice Jewish wife standing in a Chinese
>restaurant unable to comprehend the Yiddish being spoken to
>her by the African American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
>Staff. The melting pot at work.

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