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RE: In defense of the recorder

In a message dated 3/27/00 2:39:31 PM, mjaffey2 (at) mum(dot)edu writes:

<< I am quite happy to discontinue sharing such ideas
with this list. And maybe doing so would encourage scholars to participate
more. Do you really think so? >>

Matt, please continue to share your ideas. I always enjoy reading what you 
have to say.
One problem with this list is that you mostly hear from those who disagree 
with you. As far as I know, there is no way to show a nod of agreement 
through the wires.

Obviously there are some very learned people on this list, and sometimes they 
come through with great answers to questions. On the other hand, there are a 
lot of us here who are not scholars, but who are interested enough in Jewish 
music to want to discuss it.

I'm not sure what Ari's intent was when he started this thing, but to me it's 
kind of like sitting around drinking and talking at a music festival, except 
that we are sitting in different continents instead of different chairs. Also 
we have delete buttons.

I need another beer.


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