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Re: In defense of the recorder

The reason I haven't unsubscribed from this list, which move I have often
contemplated, is that even a fool can learn something if he shuts his mouth.

Oops!  There I go again!

Joshua Horowitz wrote:

> -- Budowitz Home Page:
> Reyzl,
> whew! That was a classroom spanking! to your first lashing:
> > First of all, the Yiddish word for 'guild' and the one that Hescheles might
> > have used is "tsekh" and not "tekh".  This might seem like a minor point,
> > but should we trust the accuracy of anything else you say after that?   It
> > is one thing for someone to make an error in speech.  It is something else
> > to make it writing.
> I beg you passionately Reyzl, do NOT trust the accuracy of ANYTHING I say.
> My work is plagued with mistakes -  in my research and in my music -
> written, spoken and played, and I invite you to correct me on every account.
> I mistrust my own sources and totally agree with you that everyone should be
> questioned. You are absolutely right, Tsekh is with a tsadek and not a tet
> as I heard it in my interview with Mr. Hescheles. Thanks for pointing that
> out.

Owen Davidson
Amherst  Mass
The Wholesale Klezmer Band

The Angel that presided o'er my birth
Said Little creature formd of Joy and Mirth
Go Love without the help of any King on Earth

Wm. Blake

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