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Re: Publications Showing the Jews to be Khazars and Not Israelites

There's another source for this particular canard, albeit less
well-known and more poorly distributed; there is a small strand of
fringe black nationalist thought (primarily the so-called Black Hebrews,
who claim to be the "real" Jews) that expounds the Khazar theory. A
little of the literature in support of this notion is published by tiny
black-owned independent publishers. 
George Robinson

Trudi Goodman wrote:
>    Tayere Lorele:
>    I haven't read all of this..but I've seen it before. I believe,it Goes
> back to an essay/book by Arthur Koestler about how the Jews in Eastern
> European countries were for the most part converts.  Just a theory on his
> part.  My feeling is..if I'm not really I get a special discount
> on atrocity or what?  I'd like a few of my nice relatives back from
> Paradise?
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> >Would someone visit this site and tell me what you think of these
> >quotes?
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