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New polish CD

I'd like to recommend new polish release - "Kronika XX
Jubileuszowego Przegladu Piosenki Aktorskiej - Wroclaw
1999" /The Chronicle of 20th Festival of Actors'
 Song - Wroclaw 1999/ with three live performances of
Jewish Music.
Kinga Preis, the actress from Woclaw, sings "Mein
Jidische Mame" in polish translation by Mieczyslaw
Hemar, Andre Ochodlo sings Gebirtig's "Blayb gezunt
mir, Kroke!" and finally Edyta Geppert popular polish
"chanson" singer performes song "Na Kazimierzu" /On
Kazimierz/ by Winkler.
Off topic on this CD are two excellent and rare live
recordings. Nick Cave in duet with polish singer
Stanislaw Soyka /"Into my arms"/ and Cesaria Evora in
Disc is available in

Standard disclaimer - I haven't any financial interests
in this recommendation

Jerzy Matysiakiewicz M.D., Ph.D

jerzym (at) dom(dot)zabrze(dot)pl

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