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Re: Boehm & Albert systems

>"There can be little doubt that there were many advantages in the new system 
of fingering not only from the point of view of technical facility,..."<

>Surely, the Boehm-system instrument represented an improvement over the 
Albert-system horns which had been in universal use, but its advantages most 
likely availed only to an orchestral player<

I definitely doubt that... let Jack Brymer, known as a rather passionate 
"Boehmist", be "Mr. Chicken", I'll go for "Mr. Egg":
I played both systems professionally, and I can't find any technical 
superiority in each of them. For a beginner, or a musician who makes his 
living without playing sharps, the Boehm system is undoubtedly easier. 
(Especially the low B flat and F' on a German clarinet can cause tears with 
But for technically skilled players, the advantages and disadvantages of each 
system disappear. Both offer their own wonderful possibilities and terrible 
Of course, switching to another system demands some practising, and there has 
to be a good reason for it. Maybe orchestra players showed more readiness to 
test the new.


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