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Boehm & Albert systems

Khupenikes (at) aol(dot)com wrote:

> These instruments 
> were also played in Russia, and many klezmorim learned to play this system. 
> Most of them switched  to the more common Boehm system in the US, except for 
> Brandwein and Tarras.

Actually when did the Boehm system start to dominate in the U. S. and 
when did the Albert system fade? My uncle's first clarinet was an 
Albert system (probably bought around 1914), and my father, who was 
younger, used to urge me to find someone with an Albert system E-flat 
clarinet to play square dance music on, because of its distinctive 
sound. Maybe the Albert was fading in the '20s and the Boehm started
to be the favored instrument then? If klezmorim  started to favor the
Boehm, maybe it was due to the preferences of clarinet teachers, and 
it would depend on when they started to play. Any ideas?

Paul Gifford

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