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Re: Fwd: A new klezmermusical in Berlin

Okay, here's my report:

The Klezmischpoche seems to be an indeed well-meaning, politically active 
(left-wing) community. They did quite a lot of cultural and political work 
(foreigners/asylum, Jewish-German history) in their area, and seem to just 
like Yiddish and klezmer music.
The current musical, their third, isn't about Jewish themes in particular, 
and it's not meant to parody Yidishkayt. It's not a straight story, but more 
a collage of scenes in the style of political satirical revues. The themes 
seem to be politics, German East-West conflicts, daily life and so on. They 
use Yiddish as a means of "Verfremdung" (alienation?).
So this is what I got from Joerg Hensel's emails.

One request: please don't ask me any further questions about this. (The 
dialog wasn't too pleasant, to tell the truth.) If you have questions, please 
try to contact the band/author via their website.

That's it from Germany today...
C. E. Kisch

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