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Re: Yiddish Peysakh songs

Right, as usual, Itzik!  Old Arbeter Ring hagodes.  By recitations, do you mean
straight speaking voice, or sing-songy voice?

What about Oyfn Nil and Zog Maran?  Are they also American and recent?

Does anyone else know any other Yiddish Peysakh, or any other holiday song,
they'd like to share with me?

A gut shabes, a gut yor,

Itzik Gottesman wrote:

> Lori - it looks like you got a hold of an Arbeter Ring or Sholem Aleichem
> Shul hagode,no?  There are a number of us on the list who know those songs
> but I don't know where the music is printed. Some of them are recitations
> and not songs if I remember correctly. Definitely #c, the Yiddish kiddish
> was not sung. Zalmen Mlotek should know about all of them and where to get
> the music. They are all American creations.  I believe the Mloteks in their
> column "Perl fun der yidisher literatur" in the Yiddish Forverts newspaper
> wrote about the Yiddish Khad-Gadyo. I had always thought it was by Peretz,
> but as you found out, it is not clear. - Itzik
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