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Re: Yiddish Peysakh songs


One of our Sholem Community members has written a really nice melody, quite 
fun to sing, for di fir kashes (the Four Questions) in Yiddish.  I'm about 
to leave for a 2 week vacation, but if you email me your snail mail 
address, I'll try and put a copy in the mail (after getting the writer's 
okay, of course).


At 05:25 PM 3/24/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Right, as usual, Itzik!  Old Arbeter Ring hagodes.  By recitations, do you 
>straight speaking voice, or sing-songy voice?
>What about Oyfn Nil and Zog Maran?  Are they also American and recent?
>Does anyone else know any other Yiddish Peysakh, or any other holiday song,
>they'd like to share with me?
>A gut shabes, a gut yor,
>Itzik Gottesman wrote:
> > Lori - it looks like you got a hold of an Arbeter Ring or Sholem Aleichem
> > Shul hagode,no?  There are a number of us on the list who know those songs
> > but I don't know where the music is printed. Some of them are recitations
> > and not songs if I remember correctly. Definitely #c, the Yiddish kiddish
> > was not sung. Zalmen Mlotek should know about all of them and where to get
> > the music. They are all American creations.  I believe the Mloteks in their
> > column "Perl fun der yidisher literatur" in the Yiddish Forverts newspaper
> > wrote about the Yiddish Khad-Gadyo. I had always thought it was by Peretz,
> > but as you found out, it is not clear. - Itzik
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