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Re: Meaning of "Klezmer"

> But for Giora Feidman, "klezmer" means that the instrument is only the
> "loudspeaker" of the "inner voice" that sings in the heart of every human
> being...
I don't know why it happened, but it just did! I read the above
definition and suddenly felt a warm feeling in my belly - a flowing,
undulating feeling, if you will. It was so gentle and relaxing that I
felt compelled to light a jasmine incense stick in front of my shrine of
klezmer CD's. I closed my eyes and felt it - that familiar pulsating,
enervating, yet calming presence of all the avatars of the cosmos at
once congregating in my lower abdomen and realized that everyone I'd
ever known who had ever ushered forth so much as a song from their lips,
no matter how out of tune, no matter whether with lolling tongues or
roaring vocal chords  - was one with me at that moment. To know that we
are all so different, yet so much the same, was a feeling I'll cherish
close to my breast. And what better way could there possibly be to
express this than to simply raise up your hearts, oh lovely people, or
just lean out your windows, yes, don't be afraid, just lean out no
matter how you're dressed and say it for all the world to hear and
rejoice. Yes, say it with all your hearts and souls, just say it and
don't think about it now - trust your inner voice and exclaim from the
tops of the highest mountains : We are all Klezmers!!

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