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RE: Jewish Chips, Anyone?

This is interesting.  What is this?  You can get Yiddish tunes in music 
boxes?   Do you buy the mechanized tune and have it inserted in a music box 
or do you just have to have luck and fall upon such a ready item?


From:  HNetsky (at) aol(dot)com [SMTP:HNetsky (at) aol(dot)com]
Sent:  Thursday, December 30, 1999 12:11 AM
To:  World music from a Jewish slant
Subject:  Re: Jewish Chips, Anyone?

For what it's worth, Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn is available as a music box tune 
got mine at "The Last Wound Up" in New York years ago, but I'm sure you can 
get it elsewhere.  --hankus

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