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Re: Jewish Chips, Anyone?

   There is this fantastic music box company out of california, I think, San 
Francisco, you wouldn't believe what they have. Somebody on the Net must 
know how they are.

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>Subject: Jewish Chips, Anyone?
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 10:23:50 EST
>A question:
>Our 14-month-old daughter (born of a musician and a computer programmer) 
>been fascinated by music boxes and especially by toys programmed with 
>chips since about four months.  We are both burned out on renditions of
>Twinkle Twinkle and even the exotic Frere Jacques, concerned about the way
>she is warming up to these major mode melodies (impatiently she whines when
>we sing her nigunim).  Is there a source for musical toys with Israeli,
>Hassidic, or even Russian or Middle Eastern chips?
>Lori in Chicago

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