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[HANASHIR:17154] RE: Passover music at

Suggested "choreography" for "Frogs!" posted at  (Thanks, 
Robin, for posting Passover music when you really needed to  be packing for 
an out-of-town trip!)

(1)  With slightly older kids, divide them into 3 groups:  clappers, 
ribbiters and jumpers.  They sing their own lyrics -- "clap, clap" while 
clapping twice, or "ribbit," or "jump" while jumping -- at both the 
beginning and end of the song.

(2)  With younger kids, especially preschoolers, they sing and do it all as 
a single group because none of them wants to miss the chance to jump.  Teach 
them the rhythm of the actions -- clap, clap, rest, jump -- and trying 
continuing those motions through the entire song.  It makes it fun for the 
kids as well as any one who happens to be watching (albeit it somewhat 
exhausting for the songleader/music teacher) as the room seems to be taken 
over by singing frogs.

I wondered aloud whether to include this one at tot and elementary-school 
model seders because the kids will want to get up out of their seats to do 
the actions.  Teachers, however, told me that's perfect -- the kids need a 
chance to jump around in the middle of the seder.

Happy jumping.

-- Carol

Carol Boyd Leon
CBLeon (at) hotmail(dot)com

Carol Boyd Leon
Songwriter/Cantorial Soloist/Music Educator
E-mail:  CBLeon (at) hotmail(dot)com
Phone:  703-250-0554
Web page:

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Subject: [HANASHIR:17153] Passover music at
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:43:31 -0500 (EST)

I've updated the website with a long list of Passover
favorites, old and new, including both audio tracks and free sheet music.

Students can use the site to learn or practice chanting The Four
Questions; several recordings are posted along with Hebrew text,
transliteration, and translation.

Also be sure to check out the new song "Frogs!" by Carol Boyd Leon:

sheet music:
midi file:

Look for Carol's upcoming songbook and double CD set, "Gan Shirim," to be
published in late spring or early summer.

HN alum Julie Lipson also sent lyrics for her new song, "We are all on
the seder plate,"

I'll post the melody also if I can get it from Julie.

Free sheet music is posted for "Chad Gad Yah," "Dayenu," "The Four
Questions," and "Go Down Moses."

Many thanks to all the wonderful artists who generously donated their
work to all of us!!!

-Robin Selinger
  robin (at) totshabbat(dot)com

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