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[HANASHIR:17172] Re: Question on Prayer for Healing

It's so interesting how Rabbis and other service leaders come up with 
"halacha" for how things need to be done without remembering the great 
Jewish tradition of Minhag HaMakom, the custom of the place.  Debbie 
Friedman's Mi Sheberach was created by Debbie Friedman and is not part 
of the traditional liturgy.  So, it seems to me that wherever each 
community inserts it or however, as long as it it respectful of the 
tone and music, is appropriate to that community.  I would love to hear 
the Rabbi's rational for changing this minchag and whether it's really 
worth disrupting a tradition in the community. I dare say that this 
sounds disrespectful of the congregation.  Let's face it, it's not like 
you put the Sh'ma before the Bar'chu.


Gail F. Nalven

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