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[HANASHIR:17163] Re: Question on Prayer for Healing

I like the idea of reading the names between verses.
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From: "Mike Duchin" <mduchin (at) sbcglobal(dot)net>
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Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 7:42 PM
Subject: [HANASHIR:17160] Question on Prayer for Healing

> Our synagogue used to recite the names in need of healing between the
> two verses of Debbie Friedman's Mi Sheberach.  I don't recall the
> Rabbi's reason for doing it this way but people were very comfortable
> with it.  That Rabbi has left and we have interim Rabbis this year.
> Each one has said that it didn't make sense to do it that way and they
> have gone back to reciting the names prior to beginning the prayer.
> Are there other congregations that recite the names after the first
> verse and if so is there some reasoning that supports doing it that way?
> Thanks for any insight I can get.
> Mike Duchin
> Congregation Beth Shalom of the Woodlands

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