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Re: At the Kretchma

>From memory*, the second two verses go: 
*(so correct me if I'm wrong)

In the corner is standing a Cossack
You can see him from way down the block (doesn't it sound like it should have 
been "smell him?")
In the corner, the candles are gleaming...
But, except for the candles, it's dark.

In the corner is standing Natasha,
All the men are beginning to pant.
When she dances, her shoulders, they "wibrate..."
And when she's see that she can't.

On the choruses, the words alternate (see parenthesis):

And there is singing, and there is dancing,
The Russian vodka (or, baritone)'s alright--
Come to the kretchma, that's where you'll catch Ma
Drinking vodka (or, making whoopie) every night!
Lai lai lai lai lai...

I think that my folks wore that Theodore Bikel album out with playing.  A 


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