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New CD by me: "Straight Outta Squirrel Hill"

I have a new CD out called "Straight Outta Squirrel
Hill." [1] It's about half swing tunes and half
Jewish, with one video game theme thrown in there as
well. It's all me, on piano and vocals.

You can download a few MP3s at .
Start with "Eatin' Kosher Chicken."

"You will marvel as Yakov Chodosh, a third-year music
student, blows a mean kazoo solo." -Pitt Magazine. [2]
"It's kind of like Dr. John, only --" -Danny Maseng.

****It can be YOURS (or anyone else's) for only seven
bucks. And yes, that includes postage.


-yakov chodosh.
[1] Squirrel Hill is the Jewish area of Pittsburgh.
[2] Unfortunately, however, there is no kazoo on this CD.

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