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Re: jewish music masters thesis

The American Conference of Cantors recently published an excellent resource for 
studying Jewish music called "Divre Shir." It organizes Jewish music into 9 
modules with good primary texts, musical selections on CD and links to 
websites. Module 7 and 8 are about camp music and contemporary Jewish music.
I don't know where you can buy it. You might want to start with 
transcontinental music or

Elana <elanamusic (at) optusnet(dot)com(dot)au> wrote:
i am a music teacher in a jewish school - and really wanted to write a
thesis on the year of music in a jewish school - what we do and why?
HOwever, my uni did not feel that was appropiate for a RESEARCH topic. I
came up with interviewing different ages, children, teenagers, and adults
about their experiences learning jewish songs in a jewish school. I am open
to other suggesions for another topic - that is RESEARCH - along the music
education line. I know why we teach songs and the value of them , however, i
need to complete a RESEARCH topic for my thesis. I am keen to hear other
suggestions if you are willing to share them! elana
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Subject: Re: jewish music masters thesis

> Dear Aussi,
> Some obvious answer and a question. One, children like to sing, we want
> to
> learn about the holidays. What better way than to teach them songs? Why
> you
> pick this topic?
> Two, from thirteen years experience working with Jewish schools in Russia
> and Ukraine, it is my
> observation and considered view that , for Jews in the former Soviet
> music and the arts in general
> is perhaps the central mode through which they eagerly return to
> repeat, religious observance.
> In this respect, the Jewish school is in almost all cases of greater
> significance than the synagogue in the
> Jewish community.
> Good luck on your research. What is your field of specialty, your
> discipline?
> Martin Horwitz,Director
> Jewish Community Development Fund in Russia and Ukraine
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> > Subject: jewish music masters thesis
> >
> > hi - i need help from anyone who would like to comment
> > on the following...
> >
> > Why are Jewish festival music/songs so important as
> > music education in a jewish school? i am keen on any
> > books, or journal articles, or experts in this
> > field.... please help an Aussi!!!
> >
> >

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