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RE: jewish music masters thesis

Elana, it seems to me that if you were able to quantify the effect that
singing/learning Jewish songs has on Jewish identity, you would be able to
make a substantial contribution!  My own Ed.D thesis was on factors
affecting music programming in Jewish schools in Metropolitan New York, but
explored more "whether" and how much music education time was programmed,
rather than what the curriculum entailed.  The other responses you've had
about the obvious importance of holiday songs are all valid, and should
reinforce the notion that music and musical experiences contribute
(significantly) to the development on identity.  I should think your
advisors would recognize this.  To convince them, you might do a search to
see if others have done work on the relationship between national/ethnic
identification and school music programs.  Look especially for Hungary and
other European countries where folk music (and music literacy in general,
ala Kodaly and Bartok) have played important roles in school curricula.

Good luck,

Marsha Bryan Edelman
Professor of Music and Education
Gratz College, Melrose Park, PA

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i am a music teacher in a jewish school - and really wanted to write a
thesis on the year of music in a jewish school - what we do and why?
HOwever, my uni did not feel that was appropiate for a RESEARCH topic. I
came up with interviewing different ages, children, teenagers, and adults
about their experiences learning jewish songs in a jewish school. I am open
to other suggesions for another topic - that is RESEARCH - along the music
education line. I know why we teach songs and the value of them , however, i
need to complete a RESEARCH topic for my thesis. I am keen to hear other
suggestions if you are willing to share them! elana
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Subject: Re: jewish music masters thesis

> Dear Aussi,
> Some obvious answer and a question. One, children like to sing, we want
> to
> learn about the holidays. What better way than to teach them songs? Why
> you
> pick this topic?
> Two, from thirteen years experience working with Jewish schools in Russia
> and Ukraine, it is my
> observation and considered view that , for Jews in the former Soviet
> music and the arts in general
> is perhaps the central mode through which they eagerly return to
> repeat, religious observance.
> In this respect, the Jewish school is in almost all cases of greater
> significance than the synagogue in the
> Jewish community.
> Good luck on your research. What is your field of specialty, your
> discipline?
> Martin Horwitz,Director
> Jewish Community Development Fund in Russia and Ukraine
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> > Subject: jewish music masters thesis
> >
> > hi - i need help from anyone who would like to comment
> > on the following...
> >
> > Why are Jewish festival music/songs so important as
> > music education in a jewish school? i am keen on any
> > books, or journal articles, or experts in this
> > field.... please help an Aussi!!!
> >
> >

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