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RE: songs about mothers, fathers and mothers in law

Batya wrote:

> I'm compiling a concert entitled "mothers, fathers and mothers-in-law"
> (or something like that) including songs in Yiddish, Ladino and
> English. Would anybody like to help me brainstorm?

"Mekhuteneste Mayne" (My Dear In-Law) [in Mlotek]

"Cu dajn mamen hob ix gornit" (I Have Nothing against Your Mother) 
{priceless title}

"Sviger [as per Batya's e-mail], a gut helf ajx" (Good day, father-in-law)

Vu bistu geven, texterl majne (Where Were You, My Daughter?)
{text continues:  "At the evil father-in-law's")

[three preceding titles/texts/music in OLD JEWISH FOLK MUSIC, ed.
Mark Slobin]

Hope this helps --

Robert Cohen

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