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Articles for downloading/viewing (Ottens/Rubin)

Among the various changes to our website, the following articles are now
available for downloading at, which may be of
interest to list members:

Rita Ottens, "Ikonografie der Andersartigkeit: Rassismus und Antisemitismus
in der deutschen Popularmusik" (The Iconography of Otherness: Racism and
Anti-Semitism in German Popular Music, Neue Zeitschrift fuer Musik,
July-August 2002, pp. 54-57)

Rita Ottens, "'Anyos Munchos i Buenos': Die Kunst des Rabbi Isaac Algazi"
(The Art of Rabbi Isaac Algazi, Neue Zeitschrift fuer Musik, May-June 2002,
pp. 56-57)

Rita Ottens "Der Klezmer als ideologischer Arbeiter: Jiddische Musik in
Deutschland" (The Klezmer as Ideological Worker, Neue Zeitschrift fuer
Musik, May-June 1998, pp. 26-29)

In addition, we have put up excerpts from the books "Klezmer-Musik" (Rita
Ottens and Joel Rubin, Baerenreiter/dtv, 1999) and "Juedische
Musiktraditionen" (Rita Ottens and Joel Rubin, Jewish Musical Traditions,
Gustav-Bosse-Verlag, 2001). At present they are only in the original German.
Eventually, time permitting, we plan to put up translations of at least some
of the above texts, as well as further writings.

Apologies for cross-postings

Dr. Joel E. Rubin & Rita Ottens
rubin (at) rubin-ottens(dot)com
simontov (at) compuserve(dot)com

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