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Re: working bands

Dear Seth,
     I hope you'll be able to breathe beneath the deluge of responses you're 
probably be receiving!  
     But since you asked...
     We're the Klezmer Connection (; e-mail 
klezmerconnection (at) hotmail(dot)com; tel: 914-328-3408.)  We perform at 
bar/bat mitzvahs and concerts, primarily in NY, NJ, CT, PA and Florida (how 
do you abbreviate Florida?), though we're  also happy to travel anywhere 
else.  We're usually
three pieces (violinist, clarinetist doubling on sax, and myself 
onkeyboard/vocals); I also do quite a bit of solo work.   We aometimes work 
with Jim Gold, a folkdance leader; otherwise, I teach dances when requested.  
     The group is 2/3 Russian; I'm Brooklyn-born.  We play a wide variety of 
klezmer, Yiddish (my second language), Israeli (Hebrew's my third) and 
Russian music, as well as offering a pretty wide variety of American music 
(heavy on Gershwin, Broadway musicals, swing, etc.)  We don't do YMCA...and 
finally, I try to cater to people, spending a lot of time planning, playing 
and discussing the music with them. wanted some simple info and you got a whole megillah!  
     Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.
     Thanks, Seth, for creating and updating this list.
     Michele Levine

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