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RE: In defense of the recorder (ammendment)

In a message dated 3/25/00 8:53:56 PM, reyzl (at) flash(dot)net writes:

<< These are the same 
people who read Henry Sapoznik's book and just because they read there 
things they have not seen elsewhere, they are convinced that he is a real 
scholar and will even write wonderful reviews of his book.  Ask any Jewish 
music scholar who knows the field and the reviews are consistently, 
devastatingly negative, both the first and second half.  And who the hell 
wants to start pinpointing all the errors, sloppiness, misleading 
statements, etc.?   No list subscriber who is in the know wants to even 
touch that subject on this list, and this is someone who worked at YIVO and 
had the archive readily open to him.  I will leave this discussion for 
another time.


Should I take your comment here to mean that I am not a "real scholar"? Tread 
lightly, Reyzl. If you have a problem with my book come out and say it and do 
not snipe in your backhanded way. 


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