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RE: manners, please

Okay, everyone to their rooms and no supper.

As I have stated before in other contexts, albeit not to you,
personally, Reyzl, it is =not= acceptable to attack people when 
posting to this list. If you want to discuss Henry's writing, 
that's fair game, as is anyone else's, and provided it can be 
done in a respectful fashion.

And to continue repeating myself, if the only response to someone's
post is something that sounds insulting, it's time to put it aside
and sleep on it. =Don't= send it.


At 06:01 AM 3/26/00 -0500, you wrote:
>>Henry and Reyzl--
>(...) -- you got a problem, address one another directly.<
>Hey Skip,
>I definitely agree, but since Henry's work was harshly attacked in public, he 
>also has the right of defending himself in public, in my opinion.

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