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RE: (A Tangent:) What to call "contemporary Jewish liturgical music"

I believe this request is in reference to playing the tape or CD or record
on Shabbos.

However, if Abie Rotenberg or Shmuel Brazil or Baruch Chait or Sam Glaser
asked me to not use their compositions during worship services on Shabbos
when accompanied by musical instruments, I would comply.

It hasn't happened...yet.


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> There is, BTW, a tangential issue. Is it proper for us to be using some of
> this music, written by Orthodox men, on Shabbos, with instrumental
> accompaniment, or is there something perverse in that?

Many recordings of contemporary Orthodox-oriented music come with explicit
instructions for them NOT to be played on Shabbos. I'm no authority on
halacha, but it seems to me that to play their music with instruments on
Shabbos would violate the intention of the composer (for whatever that's

--Seth Rogovoy

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